Guildford Case Study – Lime Re-Pollard

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We were contacted by Ruth who was looking for some advice regarding a number of trees at her property. After discussing what she would like to achieve, which was to have a little more light in the garden and for the trees to be tidier and more pleasing to the eye, we agreed to carry out work on a number of her trees. As the address fell within a Conservation Area in Guildford, we arranged the Guildford Borough Council Application on her behalf.

The main work she wished us to complete was to re-pollard 6 lime trees which were actually in her neighbour’s garden to where they had been pollarded a number of years previously. We discussed this with the neighbour and they were more than happy for us to complete the work and granted us access to their garden. We were very careful, as always, when undertaking these works, especially as the neighbours had just built a lovely new wall and patio area next to the trees.

We completed the works on the Lime trees, along with thinning and dead wooding of possibly the largest yew tree we have ever worked on. We also thinned and reduced a lovely Apple tree, which Ruth was delighted with as we kept the natural shape and integrity of this lovely, very old tree.

Photos are currently developing, watch this space…

This particular job has lead to 4 more referred jobs from other residents on the street.