Fleet Case Study – Beech Thin and Deadwood

Katie contacted us after visiting our website.

She had recently moved into their new family home with a lovely, large Beech in the garden and required some advice. The tree was protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), which we needed to work in accordance with, so advised the best work to be carried out. This was a crown thin and deadwood, to allow more light into the garden without changing the size and shape of the tree.

Katie also asked for a few other trees to be looked at, we advised the felling of a small Cypress which was growing close to a neighbouring building and lifting the crown on a yew tree, to give it better shape and be more aesthetically pleasing.

We submitted the application and had approval within 3 weeks to complete the work.

We couldn’t complete the work on our first visit as the weather was to poor, but we returned the next working day, the tree was dry, and we could safely get to work. Along with the Beech tree works, we also felled the Cypress to ground level and lifted the crown on the Yew tree.

Pictures of works to follow…