Farnborough Case Study – 2 x Large Oak Fell

Daniel contacted us with a very specific project in mind; to fell two large oak trees and then have them cut into floorboards for an extension on his house.

We firstly had to remove the crowns of the trees using lowering ropes so the shed and fence were not damaged. Then with precision the remaining sticks needed to be felled into a small gap in one section.

Once they were down we cut them into 3 metre sections, ready for the mobile mill saw to arrive and plank the wood. The 3 metre sections were still very heavy and we so we employed the use of a mini digger to move them around. See below for Daniel’s testimony on the work that was carried out.

“A huge thank you to the Tree Clinic for felling our two large oak trees. Josh and Andrew were highly organised and knew exactly how to approach this challenging and risky job, they climbed to the top of the 60ft trees and safely removed all limbs without damage to our property or neighbour’s fence, before felling the trees to land perfectly in the target area, absolutely outstanding – what a great team!

The oak trunks have now been converted to floorboards which wouldn’t have been possible without Tree Clinic accepting this difficult job.

If you’re looking for professional, hardworking tree surgeons, who really care about doing a great job, look no further…the Tree Clinic are the team you need.”
(Daniel – Farnborough)

Photos to follow soon…