Sunningdale Case Study – Oak Tree Crown Reduction

We are Tree Surgeons based in Woking Surrey, covering the Sunningdale Area of Berkshire.

We are fully Qualified and Insured to carry out all aspects of Tree Surgery Works.

We were asked to take a look at a Medium Sized Oak Tree that had been worked on in the past. The Tree had a large second stem removed a number of years previously. It had decayed at the removal point and therefore had potential to fail at the main stem. This is unlikely due to Oak Trees being very strong but never the less action can be taken to reduce the chance of this happening.

It was agreed with the Customer that the Crown of the Tree, be reduced back to the last reduction points (Also known as “Back to Previous”.)

These works were carried out to reduce the size of the the Tree and reduce the surface area therefore alleviating the affects of the wind.

Testimonial from Customer

“Andrew is a knowledgeable and polite guy, who along with his cheerful crew came out to give a free estimate and then undertook a great job for a very fair price. The tree is now in a much better state and they are exceptionally tidy.”

Please see below images of the Works being undertaken.

We are Tree Surgeons Based in Surrey, offering excellent quality of work. We are fully insured and qualified and are happy to undertake all aspects of your Tree Surgery requirements. Michael contacted us looking for a Tree Surgeon – Aldershot. Michael had a medium sized Eucalyptus tree at the rear of his property that needed to be removed. The tree was planted far too close to his garage and fence line. We made a visit to Aldershot and provided a free quotation, which was accepted and the works were booked in for the following week. Eucalyptus trees are renowned for being fast growing and they also take up a lot of water. Michael was concerned that the tree was pushing on his garage wall and that the roots were going to cause a problem. The tree was also pushing the fence over. It is best to consider carefully the species of tree you wish to plant and the place in which you wish to plant it. Please See the pictures below of Tree Surgeon Aldershot works.

Accessing the Tree


Part way through crown reduction


A little further through works











Crown reduction completed


View through new canopy


Point previous stem removed